10 Things International K-Pop Fans Hate the Most

By Koreaboo

  • No money in their wallets

    Want that new album? Light stick? Official merchandise? You probably have to cough up everything in your wallet if you want to have that new product from your favorite group.

  • The big time zone difference

    If you want to see that live stream that's probably on air at 3AM in the morning, there's not much stopping you.. besides sleep. So sure, if you're willing to give up that sleep you can see your idols online or watch shows live under your covers in the early morning. Make sure you don't giggle or laugh too loud either. Wouldn't want to wake someone up. 

  • Can't understand anything their idols are saying

    Kamsa-WHAT? If you want to watch that new episode of that variety show you've been waiting for, don't get your hopes up too much. The subtitles probably won't be up for another 24 hours. And if you're unlucky, those subtitles probably will never come. Slightly more lucky for you if you're a Korean outside of Korea. 

  • No concerts in your area

    Although entertainment agencies try their best to bring the idols around the world during tours, but there's absolutely no way that they will get to stop in every single possible area. And if you're not in Asia, United States, or Europe, cross your fingers and hope they'll be coming around soon. Last resort is to buy a concert DVD and watch from your TV screen.

  • No fan meets. No fan signing.

    The most you'll probably get is a concert in your area. Which, is already a lot, but you'll never have that opportunity outside of a concert to meet them. A free hug event? Nope. Only in Korea or other Asian countries.

  • Can't enter many contests

    "Enter for a chance to meet *insert favorite group here* and a day to hang out with them." or "Win this autographed t-shirt." If you ever seen this playing on a Korean commercial or TV show, chances are you have to be in Korea to enter these contests. And just when you thought you had an opportunity...

  • Shipping costs

    Korean clothes? Cosmetics? Merchandise? Sure it may look cheaper to buy it and ship it from Korea. And then you see that calculated shipping cost. $30 to ship a $10 item? ... Let me remove that from my cart.

  • Can't visit exclusive buildings

    If you've ever seen those people who visit entertainment agencies' buildings and cafes, you probably experienced that burning feeling of jealousy. Of course, we all know that those buildings are one of a kind and you won't find any of those pop up stores any time soon where you are. 

  • Restricted media

    Quick! There's a live stream of the concert your idol is performing at. And with disappointment, right after you hit that link, the words "Sorry this content is blocked from your country" pop up. Well, I guess I have no choice but to pray someone recorded it.

  • They're not in Korea

    Probably the biggest and most obvious thing that international K-Pop fans hate the most is the fact that they're not in Korea. There's nothing better to get in touch with K-Pop than being in Korea and experiencing it first hand. You can't taste the genuine Korean food and you can't step on the ground where your idols have walked on. But one day you know that you'll be buying that plane ticket to Korea to get all these things off your bucket list.