10 Foods That Will Make You Die and Go To Heaven

By Koreaboo

  • 1. Seolleongtang

    This is another soup dish which also known as ox bone soup. As an incredibly popular dish, many restaurants specialize in making only this soup. It is made by boiling ox bone for a long period of time so the bones release all the flavor and calcium into the soup. Although it may not look like it, the taste is incredible.

  • 2. Dakjuk

    This dish is a chicken porridge which is made by boiling shredded chicken, rice, garlic, and green onion inside water for a long period of time, giving it a thick texture. Although it may seem like just rice in water, after many hours of boiling, the flavors from the chicken come out into the porridge, giving it a savory flavor.

  • 3. Kimchi Fries

    A good mix of what Koreans and Americans like - Kimchi and french fries. Baked with french fries that are topped with kimchi, cheese, and spicy pepper paste, Kimchi fries are a welcoming fusion food which is good for those who want to try new things but want to take it a small step at a time.

  • 4. Bulgogi Tacos

    Mexican food and Korean food together. What's not to like? Served on a soft tortilla shell, these tacos are made with short ribs which are flavored to perfection and topped off with vegetables. These are commonly sold in food trucks around California and are a fast and cheap way of getting some bulgogi when you want it.

  • 5. Korean Cinnamon and Caramel Toast

    Currently growing in popularity, Korean cinnamon and caramel toast is exactly what it implies in the name. It is also sometimes called "Brick Toast" or "Honey Bread" since it is made of a large brick-like slice of toast topped with sweet syrupy caramel and dusted with cinnamon. This is also usually served with whipped cream on top.

  • 6. Bingsu

    When its super hot in the summer, Koreans like eating bingsu, or shaved ice. The main part of this dessert is that it is actually made of plain ice that is shaved into a snow-like texture. Then it is layered and topped off with different things such as fruits, syrups, red bean, and ice cream. It's a good way to cool down when things are getting a little too hot.

  • 7. Bulgogi Burgers

    Once again, Korean fusion is making its way around the world. Bulgogi burgers look like regular burgers but they are actually seasoned the way Korean beef is usually made. Additionally, sometime you may find that instead of using lettuce, there is kimchi on top.

  • Hotteok

    These are a common and more traditional type of dessert seen in Korea. Hotteok is a sweet pancake that has a syrup or maple filling in the center and is pan fried. Frying the brown sugar and melting it inside flour is what makes the pancake so sweet and delicious.

  • 9. Sesame Beignets

    Different from the classic Chinese beignets, Korean Sesame Beignets are made of a deep fried dough with sesame seeds that are dusted with confectioner's sugar and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Sometimes these desserts are served with a side of ice cream.

  • 10. Bulgogi Hot Dog

    The mix of bulgogi and American classics are endless possibilities. Another one includes Bulgogi hot dogs which are like regular hot dogs. However, instead of being topped off with ketchup and mustard they have bulgogi on top along with kimchi.