Female K-pop Rappers

By Koreaboo

  • 9Muses - Sungah

    Sungah joined 9Muses in 2012 and is a lead rapper for the group. 

  • 9Muses - Euaerin

    Lee Hye Min known as Euaerin is the main rapper for 9Muses. 

  • Blady - Tina

    Christina Park born in American also known as Tina. She is a rapper for Blady. 

  • Girl's Day - Yura

    Cheerful and lively Kim Ah Young better known as Yura. She's the main rapper and also the lead dancer for girl group Girl's Day. 

  • Red Velvet - Irene

    Before debuting with Red Velvet, she appeared in a music video for Henry Lau ' 1-4-3 ( I Love You )' 

  • Red Velvet - Joy

    Joy is the lead rapper and vocalist for Red Velvet. She was cast through SM Global Audition in Seoul in 2012.

  • Oh My Girl - Mimi

    Mimi is the winner of WM's audition in 2013. 

  • CLC - Yee Eun

    Yee Eun born in 1998 is a rapper for CLC. She's currently attending Seoul of Performing Arts high school. 

  • Stellar - Jun Yool

    Jun Yool, rapper and main dancer for girl group Stellar is also the youngest in the group. 

  • Crayon Pop - Soyul

    Soyul is Crayon Pop's maknae. She released her first debut solo, 'Y-shirt' in 2015. 

  • Crayon Pop - Way

    Way has an indentical twin sister, Choa. 

  • Hello Venus - Lime

    Lime debuted with other member of Hello Venus in 2012. She has written rap lyrics for Hello Venus's 'Hello' and 'Winter Fantasy'. 

  • Secret - Hyo Sung

    Hyo Sung was a finalist in television channel Mnet's "Battle Shinhwa" in 2005. 

  • Fiestar - Yezi

    Fiestar's Yezi is known for her powerful rap and dancing skills. 

  • Rainbow - Woori

    Go Woo Ri is a rapper and vocalist in the group. She was a former SM trainee. 

  • Dal Shabet - Ga Eun

    Rapper for Dal Shabet, Cho Ga Eun says one of her hobbies is reading fashion magazine. 

  • KARA - Young Ji

    Heo Young Ji debuted in May 2014. She is known as a muted laughter is the newest member of KARA. 

  • Female K-Pop Rappers Spit Fire (2015)


    Compilation of 2015 K-pop rap from girl group.