TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of Rainbow's Hyunyoung

By Koreaboo

  • #10

    Hyunyoung's Maxim photoshoot definitely showed off her sexy side

  • #9

    Rocking that skirt and cropped baseball shirt while giving fans a look at her slim waist

  • #8

    Even in casual wear she is looking good!

  • #7

    Black and white, and lookin' right

  • #6

    Classy yet still sexy and sassy

  • #5

    And there's the iconic shirt lifting choreography!

  • #4

    Another one of her shots from Maxim is an extremely fitting dress to show off her curves

  • #3

    Only one word to describe this picture: WOW!

  • #2

    She is looking sultry and sexy as she flaunts off her body

  • #1

    Cute face, yet a body that's hot like fire!