Best teas houses in Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz

  • Shaktea

    Shaktea prides itself on selling and serving high quality loose-lea teas (black, green, rooibos, white, oolong and herbal) in a laid-back and comfortable setting. Indeed, the quaint Main Street tea house, which adorns their teapots in knitted cozies, is the perfect place to retreat to if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and read a book, study or enjoy a quiet moment to yourself.

  • Finch’s Tea & Coffee House

    Sitting on the edge of Gastown, this corner cafe, is perhaps better  known for their stellar baguettes. However, as their name suggests,  Finch’s Tea and Coffee House also serves chai and many fine loose-leaf  teas, all made using purified water. Charming, cozy and kitted out with  old-world decor, Finch’s is a wonderful spot to enjoy a cuppa.

  • Neverland Tea Salon

    Quirky and charming, the Neverland Tea Salon in Kitisilano, offers visitors a whimsical space to enjoy a quick indulgence, as well as a more drawn out high tea experience. The Victorian-esque tea house is home to a range of teas, which are served in mis-matched tea sets, in addition to a variety of different lunches, snacks, and desserts.

  • Secret Garden Tea Company

    With a vast amount of teas on offer, a range of homemade miniature  sweets and scones, and an inviting atmosphere, The Secret Garden Tea  Company is the perfect place to enjoy a spot of tea with friends. Choose  from a variety of specially blended teas, like the vanilla almond black  tea, served steaming hot in a teapot with teacup and saucer.

  • Urban Tea Merchant

    This stylish West Georgia tea salon and store, pours and sells an  outstanding variety of high-end teas daily. Indeed the Urban Tea  Merchant boasts a Loose Leaves library, offering a selection of over 250  fine harvest and exclusive blends from [TWG](  The Urban Merchant’s tea which includes rose vanilla, fruit and more  traditional brews like earl grey are best enjoyed in-house with a plate  of colourful macarons, a fresh scone with cream and jam, or as part of a  traditional tiered afternoon tea.

  • Adonia Teahouse

    This cozy and delightfully decorated English-styled tea house in  Kerrisdale, offers customs an array of high quality loose-leaf tea, in  addition to freshly prepared scones, cakes, and dainty finger  sandwiches. Adonia’s tea menu has a good selection of black, herbal,  rooibos, white, oolong, green and Japanese varieties, which can be  purchased either by the cup or pot.

  • Steam Tea House

    Located on East Hastings Street, Steam Tea House is one of the smaller  tea houses in Vancouver. It is so tiny in fact that there is actually  nowhere to sit down. Serving a range of organic, single estate and small  batch blended loose tea, Steam Tea House operates more as a take-away  tea room, rather than a full sit-down beverage bar. Nevertheless,  this tea emporium of sorts, serves wonderfully fragrant brews and is the  perfect spot for a morning pick-me-up.

  • Soffee Café

    Fine teas, coffees and pastries is what patrons visiting Soffee Café can  expect to find. Served in elegant surrounds, family-run Soffee Café,  offers avid tea drinkers a varied selection of premium loose-leaf teas,  in addition to signature fresh fruit teas.

  • The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Co.

    The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company, currently residing in a pop-up shop at McArthur Glen with [Hawkers Market](, is Indigenous-owned and plant-inspired. Owned and operated by mother-daughter duo Michelle and Paisley Nahanee, The Capilano serves both packaged teas and ready-to-drink blends, which pair local foods like juniper berries and nettle with global favourites, including rooibos and green teas. Follow The Capilano’s social media pages to find out where they pop up next.

  • O5 Tea

    O5 Tea is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill tea house. It is decidedly  modern in design, so much so it resembles a stylish wine bar, and boasts  a distinctly calm ambience. Serious about tea, this West 4th tea bar  sells only selected, rare teas from around the world. More of sit down  and savour the moment type place (as opposed to somewhere you duck into  for a quick grab-and-go brew), O5 showcases pure, high quality products.

  • O-Cha Tea Bar

    This small tea bar, on Homer Street, offers drinkers many kinds of teas  (30 varieties in fact), from the standard blacks and greens to more  unique variations, like the blended mixture of chamomile and lavender.  O-Cha Tea Bar also offers iced teas, tea lattes and a Cold Blaster – a  special tea blend of orange juice, honey, ginger, and lemon, topped with  a sprinkling of cayenne powder.