TOP 8 Plastic Surgery Procedures In Korea

By Koreaboo

  • Double Eyelid Surgery

    One of the most popular surgeries by far. This procedure aims to eradicate what is known as the "monolid" in order to achieve the "double eyelid". "Monolid" refers to having a single eyelid with no crease - a common trait amongst Asian people - and after undergoing this surgery, the individual will have what is known as the "double eyelid". This procedure involves the removal or repositioning of excess tissues. With an estimated 1 in 5 women from Seoul having had the procedure, it has certainly become somewhat of an essential.

  • V-Line Jaw Reduction

    It is a well known fact that the Korean ideal face shape is the infamous "V" face which is essentially a slender jawline with a sharp chin. For those not born with such features, this surgery involves making an incision inside of the mouth and shaving off excess mandible.

  • EPICANTHOPLASTY (Eye-Widening Surgery)

    This procedure slices the corners of the eyelids, in order to make the eyes appear larger. This surgery is often performed at the same time as double eyelid surgery and involves removing what is known as the "epicanthal folds" in order to soften the corners of the eye. It is reported that 80-90% of patients who undergo double eyelid surgery also opt for this procedure as well.

  • Rhinoplasty

    Whilst the main use of rhinoplasty (nose jobs) in the west is for making the nose smaller, Korea utilizes the procedure to get a more prominent bridge in the nose which is very attractive in Korean culture. Cartilage from the patient's ears or ribs can be used to build up the desired area.

  • Forehead Augmentation

    This is a simple procedure lasting just one hour and is performed by inserting an implant beneath the skin and will leave the patient with a smoother and rounded forehead.

  • Hair Transplant

    As the name suggests, this procedure involves transplanting the hair of someone else onto your own head. This procedure is mostly desirable amongst people with receding hairlines, have suffered hair loss or simply don't have as much hair as they'd like more hair. This procedure is not nearly as invasive as the others on this list as it simply consists of grafting hair follicles to the desired area.

  • Chin Augmentation

    This surgery can include either implants or fillers in order to define one's chin and give the face a more angular look. The implants may be prosthetic or even bone donated from the patient's pelvis or rib cage with which the implant will be fashioned from (however this carries a greater risk of infection). This procedure often takes place alongside a rhinoplasty in order to balance out the facial features making for the perfect silhouette. 

  • Teeth Capping

    Teeth capping or "veneers" are thin layers of porcelain placed on teeth to disguise any damage or discolouration. An impression is taken of the teeth and the porcelain is modelled after this so it will be a perfect fit. The procedure is comparable to the application of false nails.