10 Sexiest Moments Of EXO Kai

By Koreaboo

  • 1. Dat stage presence

    Danced so hard his jacket came off

  • 2. Beach wear

    Hot guy lying in hot sand

  • Same outfit, but this time without the shirt. 

  • 3. All-White suit

    This stunning white suit that makes him look like a mafia boss

  • 4. Looking classy

    like they say "a well taylored suite to women is like lingerie to a man"

  • 5. That sporty look

    That open jacket will keep him cool during exercise. 

  • 9. Bed Head

    His messy hair completes this casual but sensational look

  • 8. Hoodies just became sexy

    Using every opportunity to take it off

  • 9. Arm muscles

    Kai is the king of sleeveless shirts and tank tops. He loves to show off them arm muscles!

  • 10. Tank top domination

    What better way to show off those sculpted arms than to wear tank tops all the time and dance furiously?