10 New Korean Fashion Styles To Try In 2016

By Koreaboo

  • A clean and classy chic look that's casual enough to wear most places.

  • A unique outfit like this always keeps them guessing.

  • Pay attention to fine details.

  • A look like this would catch the eye of any passerby.

  • The outfit is topped off with that great hat.

  • A great casual look that's comfortable as well!

  • Another black outfit, this time with more elegance.

  • A uniform-style outfit with an extra-large sized shirt, comfortable and unique.

  • This style gives off a dainty and youthful look.

  • A second uniform-style outfit, this time light-pink with high boots.

  • The dress is the key point to this outfit.

  • Complete the outfit with this jacket!

  • Here's an simple yet stylish look for a relaxing day.

  • This one piece is fabulous and sexy.

  • Great for a house party!