13 Outfit Inspirations for Halloween

By Koreaboo

Ranging from simple to elaborate, there is no reason to skip out on the festivities this year. Be inspired by your favorite idols in their costumes!

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Instantly recognizable, the fairy tale catalog is a popular choice to draw inspiration from. The characters bring an element of grace and magic to this holiday celebration. **SNSD**'s **Tiffany** appears ready for the story's live-action version (with an **EXO** cameo).

  • Detective Conan

    Anime and manga fans may feel compelled to dress up as their favorite characters! While some may not understand the reference, there might be other kindred souls among the crowds. **BTS**' **Jungkook** looks either ready to solve crimes or head back to elementary school.

  • School Uniform

    For those that reminisce about their younger years, a school uniform is the perfect fix. It will look even more impressive in a group. This is a chance for people to attend the school from their favorite dramas!

  • Harry Potter

    Although the **Harry Potter** series ended, the franchise remains popular as later generations newly discover it. A wizard/witch outfit is the perfect complement to such a magical night. **TWICE** is a mystical group in their own right, capturing the hearts of their audience.

  • Mario

    Beloved by all children, video game icon** Mario** brings back nostalgic feelings. This costume is low stress as red shirts and overalls are easily accessible. **G-Dragon** brings a touch of chic to the character.

  • Harley Quinn

    _Suicide Squad_'s reinvention of the supervillian **Harley Quinn** took the world by storm. It is one of the year's biggest trends and will continue to be replicated in the following years. **Hello Venus**' **Nara** is ready to wreak havoc on the streets as this nefarious character.

  • Avengers

    Comic book fans embrace Halloween since they can dress up as their favorite heroes. When dressed in such a colorful ensemble, a league of superheroes will be the life of the party. **GOT7** is ready to take on their weekly villain...after their music show performance.

  • Pumpkin

    Some people may prefer the cuter options when it comes to costumes; not everything has to be scary or sexy. As pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween, you can celebrate by being a living embodiment of the holiday. However, BTS' **Jin** may have regret his decision in headgear.

  • Sailor

    Nautical outfits are a staple in any Halloween celebration. Short shorts paired with high heels will draw everyone's attention. The costume may not fare well against the cold, so perhaps a long sleeve top should be worn. Many would gladly purchase a ticket to a ship where SNSD is aboard.

  • Vampire

    It is not Halloween until you find a vampire strolling down the street. This caped look is foolproof as it suits everyone and is a classic choice. Sadly the average group of trick-or-treaters do not look like **MONSTA X**.

  • Lifeguard

    For the beach lovers, an off-duty lifeguard is a simple outfit executed within minutes. The sandy shores may not be necessary, but a whistle accessory is required. It will be difficult for any lifeguard team to compete with **AOA**.

  • Animal

    For the procrastinators, an animal onesie will save the day! Suit up and be ready to go in just one minute. There is such a wide range of adorable options, from the common house pet to the mythical unicorn.

  • Police Officer

    As tempting as the outlaw life is, the police force is always looking for recruits. People tend to shy away from law enforcement, but they wouldn't if Girl's Day was on patrol.

  • Enjoy October 31st!