13 Pictures of Actual Gangnam

By Koreaboo

Everyone knows PSY's infamous "Gangnam Style," but how many people recognize the references made to the actual "Gangnam?"

  • Gangnam Life

  • The Buddha of Bongeunsa

  • Gangnam Street Art at GT Tower East

  • COEX Shopping Mall & Aquarium

  • Restless Nights

  • Gangnam Cityscape

  • Gangnam Nights

  • COEX Convention & Exhibition Centre

  • Driving Through Gangnam

  • Just Another Day in Gangnam

  • Typical Gangnam Traffic

  • The Samsung Building

  • Tehran Boulevard

  • Beautiful girls at the nightclubs of Gangnam

  • Club syndrome, one of the hottest spots to be any night of the week!

  • Costume parties at the club

  • The best place to find Western breakfast...all day long

  • Crazy Gangnam buildings that reach the sky

  • It's like god was playing Tetris

  • This building was bombarded by meteorites