13 Sexiest Photo Shoots by Go Joon Hee (Part 2)

By Koreaboo

Actress Go Joon Hee, who's knows for her recent rolls in dramas such as "Queen of Ambition" and "The Chaser," has had her share of sexy photo shoots! Here's just a couple of her hottest!

  • Go Joon Hee goes for a different look this time

  • The sexy queen!

  • Don't look so sad Go Joon Hee!

  • Wearing a jean jacket that 2 sizes too big

  • Stunning beauty!

  • Another melancholy day

  • What a pro!

  • Shooting for W Korea

  • Perfect complexion

  • She looks fantastic in anything!

  • Snuggling up in a comfortable armchair

  • Classy and sexy

  • A professional lingerie model