Lifelong Friendship: BoA & TVXQ Yunho

By Koreaboo

Label-mates for over a decade, BoA and Yunho have a connection like no other. As two of the original trainees of SM, it's clear they've went through struggles and the joys of success side by side!

  • 1

    That time the two made inside jokes that only they understand, laughing freely and enjoying each others company!

  • 2

    Every time they look ridiculously cool together while posing for fans.

  • 3

    That time BoA just needed a strong and supportive shoulder to lean on.

  • 4

    That time they wore couples outfits!

  • 5

    Every time they see each other and smile like this:

  • 6

    Every time Yunho makes BoA laugh her heart out.

  • 7

    That time the two of them made fun of Changmin together ㅋㅋㅋㅋ    (Changmin don't be sad, they still love you!)

  • 8

    That time they were caught whispering secrets to eachother juring award conferences

  • 9

    This duet stage performance that just overflowed with romantic chemistry.

  • 10

    That time they just looked like they were the perfect couple.