9 Must Do Activities In Korea This Winter

By Koreaboo

Korea is generally known as a Spring or Summer destination, but there's plenty to do in the colder months as well. From festivals to theme parks, be sure try these 8 activities this Fall/Winter!

  • Visit a Theme Park


    Theme parks like Lotte World and Everland are popular places to visit in the summer, but they also have winter festivities. Christmas-themed performances, skating & tubing are some things to expect.

  • Go Skiing or Snowboarding

    Korea is a mountainous country, so it's just natural to have skiing & snowboarding as a pastime to take advantage of the landscape. Don't have the equipment? Don't worry! Rentals are available.

  • Go Ice Fishing

    Ice fishing might not sound like the most exciting activity, but it's an experience to be had. Hang out & catch up with friends & if you catch a fish, local restaurants will often cook what you catch!

  • Skate at an Outdoor Skating Rink

    You can skate all year round, but you can only skate outdoors in the winter & that makes all the difference. It has a magical feel to it, that makes it perfect place to take a date.

  • Attend a Sunrise Festival

    Sunrise festivals take place all over Korea on January 1st to catch the first sunrise of the year. If you're looking for a different way to celebrate the new year, attend one of these festivals!

  • Relax at a Jimjilbang

    A Jimjilbang is a Korean-style bathhouse. These bathhouses usually include hot tubs, saunas, and warm on-the-floor sleeping rooms. Nudity is mandatory in some bathhouses, genders separated, of course.

  • Relax at a Jimjilbang

    Jimjilbangs have may different things to offer, check it out for a relaxing and revitalizing experience!

  • Hike at a National Park

    Hiking might sound like a summer-only activity, but traversing one of Korea's mountains in the winter can be breathtaking. The skies are often clear & contrast beautifully with the snow-capped peaks.

  • Go on a Romantic Illuminated Date

    During the winter months, the streets are decorated with beautiful illuminations and romance is in the air. Take a trip to Namsan tower, or the Cheongyecheon stream, where couples love go on walks.

  • Visit One of Many Hot Springs

    Natural hot springs are a frequented destination during the winter time. Get out of the city and jump into one of the many mineral-enriched hot pools around the country!