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  • 8 Steps to Getting Over a Bad Breakup

    After a particularly rough breakup, what do you do to make the road ahead a little smoother? How do you move on with a gaping hole hanging out in the centre of your life? Here are some tips.

  • Step-by-Step Beauty: How to Highlight and Contour

    Why is it when you get your makeup professionally done, you look like a different person? There’s a clear difference and it’s often in the subtleties. Here's how to highlight and contour.

  • 10 Reasons I Love Getting Dressed in Fall

    Fall is my favourite season, hands down, and it’s partly—maybe even mostly—because of the fashion.

  • 8 Keys to Living in The Moment

    Happiness is something you already have, can discover, and develop, not something out there in the distant future that you need to work to achieve. Here are 8 ways to live in the moment—easily.

  • The Best Jeans for Women Over 40

    We’ve all got our favourite jeans. They are such an easy choice, just the right thing to reach for in the closet. But somehow, we’ve discovered that [not all jeans are alike ]( at least not at our age

  • Your Guide to The Big Apple

    Love New York City but get dizzy thinking about a trip? Here's our guide to where to stay, shop, eat, and get around without getting lost.