Bucket List

By Vuitton Chan

It felt only appropriate for my first Quietly list to be my bucket list! I have done a few things already (such as seeing the Aurora Borealis & hitchhiking (Jasmine if you're reading this I'm sorry haha!) These are things I have yet to do :)

  • Visiting ferris wheels

    This is an ongoing bucket list item, I'm obsessed with ferris wheels and looking to visit as many as possible in my lifetime. Whenever I travel to a place, I must visit all the ferris wheels there!

  • Go fully bald to fundraise for cancer research

    In 2013, I donated ~13 inches of my hair to fundraise for 'Balding For Dollars'! With funds going towards BC Children's Hospital. I want to do it again in the future, but going full bald this time!

  • Go on an international work internship

    Sometime in 2016-2017 I plan to go abroad for awhile to work on a community development project on education/policies of fundamental human rights and sexual education/consent! Currently applying for a few programs :)

  • Deliver a TED talk

    I absolutely love TED talks, and have attended a few TEDx events in my home town. It is a long term goal of mine to eventually deliver a TED talk one day to share my work/experiences, preferably at a youth event!

  • Get officially certified in scuba diving

    I've always wanted to try shark cage diving too!

  • Ride a hot air balloon over Peru

    Need I say more? How awesome would that be!

  • Skydiving in Melbourne

  • Visit the Tulip Field in Netherlands

    I think tulips are the prettiest flowers!

  • Visit Antarctica

    In 2015 I visited the Canadian Arctic and absolutely loved it!! I have now made it a life goal to visit Antarctica one day :) My Arctic experience has also taught me I need to work on maintaining my health to take on these weather conditions!

  • Cherry blossom festival in Kyoto

    My trips to Japan have never been in March-early April for the blooms, and this is definitely on my list!

  • Climb Mount Nimbus

    I don't have much upper body strength to do really intense mountain climbing, and recently stumbled upon Mount Nimbus that isn't too far from British Columbia! Maybe after this I'll move on to more advanced ones :)

  • Finish a full marathon

    I've done a half marathon, and with some dedication and training, I'll run a full marathon eventually!

  • Make my own wine

    I'm pretty into wine but I've actually never made my own wine before! Have heard from many how fun it is and would like to try it for myself!

  • Meet that very special someone (hehehe...)

    To all my friends, you're very special, but I'm referring to a different kind of special ;) I think deep down I'm one of those romantics that believes in meeting a 'love of your life'. One day, soon.

  • Getting my JD

    Crossing my fingers/toes that in a few years I'll have my Juris Doctor to become a full fledge lawyer! My goal is to work in a capacity to support women/women's rights & those marginalized in the criminal justice system.

  • Attend Coachella, Tomorrowland, and San Diego Comic Con

    These 3 events have been on my bucket list since forever but the timing was 'never right'. This shall happen, very soon!

  • Drink some legit Butter Beer

    I know, I'm missing out.

  • Bungee jumping off the Macau Tower

    The Macau Tower is the tallest bungee jump in the world! I was too chicken to do it last time I visited Macau. Told myself, next time for sure!