7 Times Gary Surprised Us With His Charm And Depth

By Koreaboo

Gary is everything lovable in a man put together. He's funny, charming, cute, musical and like his lyrics, deep and intelligent.

  • Gary on STAGE!!

    Life is a dot. You are all putting dots on a white canvas right now. Soon whether you see it or not those dots will connect into a line called "future". Even failures serve their purpose in this line

  • Musical Gary

     Let go of those 1. Who exhaust you 2. Who speak lightly of things 3. Who are not honest 4. Who make you feel unworthy. Not being able to let go is one of the tragic mistakes people make.

  • Playful Gary

    If you want to be a good hair designer there's only one way. While others make one cut you have to make ten thousand cuts. Sleep less and play less..and don't make excuses

  • Thoughtful Gary

    Don't think too much and life take you where it will. Let people go and welcome new people. No one has it easy and life isn't about anyone but you. Run for you dreams don't let others distract you.

  • Charismatic Gary

    Give up if you want, let yourself hit rock bottom. When time passes and you are embarrassed at yourself you'll clench your fists and get back up. If you think that's a waste of time get up now.

  • Sexy Gary

    Those who really want something work for it. They don't complain but try an alternative route. If that doesn't work they study it and than they experiment. At this point fate intercedes and helps them

  • Chic Gary

    Those who run towards what they want and those who dream of what they want will always have different lives. The choice to run or stay is yours.