7 Amazing Inventions From Korea You Never Knew

By Koreaboo

South Korea has some of the brightest minds in the world but you wouldn't believe that these inventions originated from Korea!

  • #7. Internet Cafe

    Considering that Korea is a power houseĀ when it comes to games, the fact that internet cafes originated in Korea might not be a surprise. But did you know there are over 20,000 of them in South Korea?

  • #6. Coffee Mix

    The coffee mix was invented by Dongseo Foods in 1976. Before the coffee mix was invented, coffee was considered a luxury drink but the appearance of cheap coffee sticks made coffee readily available.

  • #5. Metal Print

    Korea was the first to ever print books with metal prints. The Jikji, which was printed in 1455 is currently kept in the French National Library and was appointed as Unesco World Heritage in 2001

  • #4. Rain Gauge

    The first standardized rain gauge called the "Cheugugi" was invented in 1441. This apparatus was created by the "Edison of Korea" Jang Youngsil during the reign of King Sejong.

  • #3. Cheering Balloon Sticks

    These balloon sticks imitate the sound of clapping but 10 times louder and are usually found in stadiums all around the world. These balloons originate from Korea where they first appeared in 1994

  • #2. MP 3

    Before smartphones came along, mp3s were the highest technology in portable audio devices. This device which allowed you to carry mp3 files was developed in Korea in 1997 by Digital Cast & Saehan

  • #1. Milk Cartons

    The first milk cartons ever made was in 1934 in USA but the most commonly used packaging shape called the "Gable Top" carton was developed by Korean inventor Dr. Shin in 1953.

  • Bonus: Egg Car

    This prototype developed by Hyundai is a single person mobile that was presented in 2013. This utilizes "Rotating Semispherical part" to move.