15 Cute Moments With Twins Choa & Way

By Koreaboo

Crayon Pop’s twins have captured the hearts of everyone. After debuting as sub unit "Strawberry Milk" their popularity sky-rocketed! With marching faces and cute personality, what's not to love?

  • Could they be buying Strawberry Milk? ㅋㅋ

  • Posing for the camera, with signature looks!

  • Getting ready to be real men

  • Can you figure out who is who?!

  • “Strawberry Milk” concept photo set

  • What do you think of the strawberry twins

  • They just have the most adorable teasers ever!

  • Crayon Pop's signature look

  • Waving to fans

  • Gogo Strawberry twins!

  • Strawberry tag

  • Too cute

  • Way with a cute dance and a hilarious print pant!

  • Choa looking spectacular in those pants!