14 Times T.O.P Showed He Was A BOSS In 2014

By Koreaboo

TOP is undeniably one of the biggest BOSSes in Korean Music. He was practically the pioneer of swag in Asia. Here are some of his swaggiest photo shoots where he simply exuded BOSSness. 

  • 1.

    That time his coffee had more swag than your whole block

  • 2.

    That time he looked like a boss even while snoozing

  • 3.

    That time he made granny's old wallpaper look fantastic

  • 4.

    That time he kept his swag, even during a migraine headache.

  • 5.

    Dont forget the time he mismatched all his clothes and still pulled it off like a boss.

  • 6.

    That time his fingers had more swag than your entire body.

  • 7.

    EVERY time he wears a suit.

  • 8.

    ...Even if it's a suit made from your grandma's curtains.

  • 9.

    Giving a vampirical stare like a boss.

  • 10.

    Being cold like a BO$$

  • 11.

    Straining to hold a squatting position for 3 hours like a total boss.

  • 12.

    Posing for the cam like a 'you know what'

  • 13.

    After a long, hard day of oozing swag.

  • 14.

    Even in extreme freezing temperatures he keeps his cool boss-like composure. What a TOTAL B.O.S.S