9 Idols Who Helped Their Groups Reach Stardom

By Koreaboo

There's no denying that everyone in K-Pop in talented but some happened to catch the eye of the public in an instant!!!

  • Hani of EXID

    Hani is perhaps has the most unique story when it comes to reaching stardom. A Fan by the name of Pharkil recorded Hani performing UP&Down.

  • Hani

    The video went so viral that after debuting in 2012, the girls were finally brought under the spotlight and now the video hold more than 11 million views on Youtube and the 4 girls of EXID are one of the most talked about groups in the country.

  • Hyuna of 4MINUTE

    Hyuna had previously debuted as a part of Wonder Girls before leaving the group and debuting again as a part of 4Minute.

  • Hyuna

    Due to this and her natural born sexy aura, she initially garnered much attention and aided her group in becoming one of the most well known groups in K-Pop

  • Jae Kyung of Rainbow

    When Rainbow debuted, they made a huge impact on the public with their sexiness in the song "A"

  • Jaekyung

    Jaekyung especially made an impression with her beauty and glamorous body. This kept the name of "Rainbow" trending and kept them going strong even till now!

  • Eunji of A-Pink

  • Eunji

    APINK in 2015 is one of the most popular girl groups within and outside of Korea. Early in their career however, APINK was struggling to put their name on the map among numerous other girl groups. That's when Eunji came in with a BANG.

  • Eunji

    In "Respond 1997" she took on the role of Sung Siwon and the nation fell in love with her. With this role she made a name for herself as an actress and put her group's name on the map.

  • Jackson of GOT7

    Got 7 has never struggled for fame since there were already numerous fans anticipating their appearance since pre-debut.

  • Jackson

    It's undeniable however that much of the anticipation resulted from the fact that Jackson stole the hearts of fans after making an appearance on "Room Mates"

  • Seol Hyun of AOA

    Although all the girls of AOA are famed for their beauty and every single one of them possess an enormous following, many fans of AOA were drawn to the group because of Seolhyun's beauty.

  • Seolhyun

  • Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P

    Before the name of B.A.P was even hinted to the public, Bang Yong Guk had already paved the way for his group to make its way into K-Pop

  • Bang Yongguk

    As a featured rapper in numerous tracks he left the public a memorable impression of himself as an artist and a rapper

  • Dohee of Tiny-G

    Although this group is filled with beautiful talented girls, they had never quite managed to garner much recognition among the general public.

  • Dohee

    After their debut in 2012, the group did not seem to make much headway into garnering popularity but in 2013, one of their members Dohee became a national hot topic.

  • Dohee

    She took on the role of a tom boy from the country side in "Respond 1994" and she, along with her group "Tiny-G" fell under the spotlight

  • Kwanghee of ZE:A

    Kwanghee is probably the best example of a single member of a group being responsible for the beginning of an entire group's career. 

  • Kwanghee

    Kwanghee began to gain popularity for his energetic and honest style on variety shows. He even made the difficult decision as an idol and confessed that he underwent large amounts of plastic surgery. This resulted in the group ZE:A in gaining fame and now other members of the group are all doing very well for themselves as well.