10 Stunningly Gorgeous Men & Women of K-Pop

By Koreaboo

Beyond the music itself, it's the faces of Kpop that fans recognize and covet. Who are the men and women in K-pop known for both their good looks as well as dance & singing prowess?

  • Nana

    She may have been in the game for a while, but After School's Nana is still considered to be one of the top beauties of K-pop!

  • Luhan

    Luhan was a famous ulzzang in China before his debut in EXO. And now he's still topping charts for his good looks! What a guy! ;)

  • Ailee

    This girl can sing, and it's definitely singing and not just her good looks that brought Ailee to the top of the K-pop charts.

  • JaeJoong

    As one of K-pop's original boy band faces (DBSK era), we simply couldn't deny JaeJoong a spot on this list.

  • Lee Hyori

    A veteran of the Kpop industry, Lee Hyori proves that you only get better with age (not that she looks her age to begin with)!

  • Choi Si Won

    A member of the ever popular Super Junior, Si Won's latest acting ventures have also landed him the title of leading man.

  • Hyuna

    Hyuna's positively on fire in terms of her career in the K-pop industry, being a part of the girl band 4Minute, the duo Troublemaker, as well as a recognized solo artist.

  • T.O.P

    Big Bang's famed rapper who's known for his deep, husky voice, T.O.P is a household name for any K-pop fan.

  • Kahi

    The former leader of girl band After School, Kahi is now making a name for herself as a solo artist who's got mad dance & singing chops.

  • Rain

    A singer, dancer, and actor, this guy's a triple threat that also happens to have perfectly chiseled abs.