11 Facts About Korea That'll Make You Chuckle

By Koreaboo

Many countries have interesting customs & quirks. Korea is definitely on that list; here are some interesting facts about the country. How many did you know?

  • There's an annual mud festival

    Every July there as a famous festival where everyone goes to get dirty and crazy! People cover their bodies in goopy clay and wrestle, play games, and just let loose! 

  • Dental hygiene is a big deal

    Koreans like to keep their teeth in check! People in Korea brush their teeth after ever meal,  it's not uncommon for people to bring their own toothbrushes to school, work, or even restaurants.

  • Toilet paper is thrown away, not flushed

    When visiting Korea, be sure to throw your toilet paper into the provided bin instead of flushing it. It might put off visitors at first, but it's for the better of the pipes in Korea.

  • Bullfighting is different compared to Spain

    Bullfighting might conjure up images of matadors and red capes, but bullfights in Korea involve just 2 bulls, and, of course, Soju.

  • Internet Explorer is required by law

    While most of the world has moved on to diifferent browsers, Internet Explorer is required for online banking & shopping. The law was enacted in 1999 & has remained in place since then.

  • Japan is a touchy subject

    Historically, the Japanese have tried to invade Korea on many occasions, committing what some consider to be atrocious war crimes. To this day, most Koreans dislike the Japanese, so avoid the subject!

  • Your blood type is important

    Koreans believe that your blood type says something about your personality, much like how westerners view horoscopes. A's are perfectionists, B's are creative, AB's are rational & O's are confident.

  • People have stopped caring about North Korea

    The rest of the world might freak out when North Korea threatens nuclear war; it's just another day for South Koreans. There have been so many threats, South Koreans have grown tired of the commotion.

  • There are romantic holidays each month

    The 14th of every month is a romantic holiday with a different theme. Wine Day, Hug Day & Kiss Day are just some examples. Single? April 14th, or Black Day, is a day for singles to get together.

  • Drinking is a huge part of social life

    Drinking is a huge part of Koreans' social lives. Once a month (or even once a week!) Koreans go drink with their co-workers. These nights can go on late into the night, & the drinks just keep coming!

  • You might get elbowed by grandmas

    While Koreans are actually very warm & friendly people, expect to get elbowed a few times when walking down the cramped streets. Keep an eye out for ajumma, or grandmas. They can be vicious!

  • There's an annual mud festival

    It's said that the minerals in the mud absorbed by your skin, and it's healthy for your skin and body. So people make sure they get TOTALLY covered in mud and soak it all up.