13 K-Pop Fashion Styles That Are Hard To Pull Off

By Koreaboo

It's common to say that K-Pop stars dress in a different manner that is both flashy and stylish. However, sometimes you question who was the one who picked out that outfit for them. Here is a list of 10 K-Pop fashion styles that are just plain weird.

  • D.O's chicken feathers

    Who ever thought this was a good idea?

  • JYP's plastic pants

    Psst, I think you put on the wrong pants this morning.

  • PSY's metallic leotard

    Just a little too flashy for my taste. 

  • Ravi's twisted hat

    Is that a hat or a Hershey's Kisses on his head?

  • Orange Caramel's sushi outfit

    It's not only this. Orange Caramel is just full of wacky outfits and that's what makes them unique.

  • D.O's little black dress

    Another unfortunate wardrobe choice for D.O. 

  • Red Velvet's floral hats

    That's a big flower.

  • SHINee's straw hats

    They've become one with the haystack.

  • G-Dragon's street performance outfit

    There's just too much happening at once but do what you wish G-Dragon.

  • 2NE1's rainbow clothes

    Bright, colorful, and odd. What a perfect way to show up on the red carpet.

  • H.O.T's cotton candy outfit

    And last but not least.. the ones that started it all.

  • The crown of cutlery


  • Taemin's severed shirt

    Looks like half of it is missing. But that's fine with Taemin!

  • BONUS: Boy's Day's sexy dresses

    Nope. Not strange at all.