Best macarons in Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz

Let's celebrate the mini-sized meringue sandwich treat with a look at where to find the best macarons in Vancouver.

  • Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

    Thierry makes their [macarons]( daily, and their range of flavours includes some standouts like Cassis and Maple Pecan.

  • Faubourg Downtown

    One of Vancouver’s best-known French bakeries, Faubourg has been making macarons for three years.

  • Faubourg

    They have a solid lineup of regular flavours, and are in the process of adding new and exiting macaron options to their [menu](

  • Soirette

    Look for springtime tastes that honour the season in the city, with macarons like Cherry Blossom and Vancouver Fog.

  • Bel Cafe

    This chic, modern café specializes in baked goods, including their delicious macarons. Try the Cookies & Cream one.

  • French Made Baking

    Here they make 15 flavours of bite-sized macarons, as well as a few large macarons in exciting flavour combinations, like Rose/Litchi and Salted Caramel/Caramelized Apples.