6 Touching Times BoA Cried On TV

By Koreaboo

The Queen of K-Pop, BoA is one of the most respected singers in the industry, and there’s no wonder why. From her early debut at age 13, charting immediately in South Korea.

  • 6. That time she inspired Jimin


    BoA debuted at an early age and then immediately began promoting in Japan, alone. In a country where she barely spoke the language, BoA was forced to mature quickly and endure hardships.

  • 5. That time fans sang “Meri Kuri” to her


    During Boa's final performance in Japa, fans began singing along to the chorus. BoA, who had felt as an outsider being Korean, finally felt that she was fully welcomed by her Japanese fans.

  • 4. That Time When She Sang Meri Kuri.. Again!!


    Meri Kuri became one of the most emotional songs for BoA, due to her previous experience when singing it. Check out what happens at at 1:18 when she sings the song.. and memories come back to her!!

  • 3. That Time She Won A Daejun Award At Age 16


  • 2. That Time She Won “Best Music Video” in 2004


    She won this award after her manager died, who was one of her closest friends at the time and had been with her through the hardest of her struggles. She gave a heartfelt message to her manager~

  • 1. When She Passed Her First Guerilla Concert


    Because of her Japanese debut, she had a many anti-fans and wasn't sure if she could reach her numbers. Watch what happens when she opens her eyes at 7:43!

  • 1. When She Passed Her First Guerilla Concert


    Guerrilla concerts are a way for singers to prove their popularity. However if there aren't enough attendees, it would be cancelled.

  • BONUS: BoA scolded by manager


    It’s easy to forget how young BoA was when she first debuted! In this clip, she’s drinking water near the expensive sound equipment and gets scolded.