Best hot chocolate in Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz

  • Prado Café

    Sweet and mild, Prado make their own chocolate sauce, using a dark, 80 per cent Dutch process cocoa and a secret, dry spice blend.

  • Thomas Haas

    Made with real chocolate (not cocoa powder), Thomas Haas' hot chocolate is thick, rich and boasts a creamy texture.

  • Small Victory

    Yaletown’s Small Victory Bakery creates on-site an incredibly light and smooth-textured hot chocolate. Not too big, not too sweet the hot chocolate is made with top-grade Valrhona chocolate from France.

  • East Van Roasters

    East Van Roasters’ made in-house drinking chocolates are sure to put a smile on your dial — they’re smooth to taste and comprised of 70 per cent dark chocolate. Currently the Gastown outpost has a Single-Origin, Mayan spiced and a Malagasy Bitters drinking chocolate on offer.

  • Mink Chocolate Café

    Ranging from 38 to 70 per cent cocoa content Mink’s drinking chocolate is consists of pure, fresh chocolate ganache (no powders, no water, nothing reconstituted or rehydrated).

  • Thierry

    Thierry's signature blend of pure velvety dark chocolate is on the bitter side and can be enjoyed on its own or for those with a sweet tooth, complemented with caramel or hazelnut, or even Basque chilli for an added kick.

  • Koko Monk Chocolates

    Made with 72% Venezuelan Trinitario, top quality pure cacaos, herbs, spices, and a dash of orange zest, Kitsilano’s Koko Monk Chocolates’ offers a sweet and slightly spicy sipping hot chocolate. 

  • Bel Café

    With an array of chocolatey treats (in the form of cookies, pastries, macarons, and crumbles) it’s no wonder that David Hawksworth’s downtown Bel Café offers a memorable cup of hot coco.

  • Blenz

    Chocoholics will savour Blenz’s signature hot chocolate, which is made from using only 100 per cent authentic Belgian chocolate chips.

  • Continental Coffee

    Continental Coffee offers an incredibly indulgent hot chocolate. Crafted with steamed milk and Belgian chocolate syrup, Continental Coffee’s hot chocolate is topped with house-made chocolate whipped cream.