12 Of The World's Coolest Karaoke Bars

By Koreaboo

Karaoke (which means "empty orchestra" in Japanese) has always been a mix of fun and crazy. Here are a few spots to check out—from amazing to bizarre, you'll have to experience them yourself. 

  • Lovenet – Tokyo, Japan


    This bar in Roppongi has Tokyo's most surreal karaoke booths. There are rooms with hot tubs and rooms with themes ranging from heaven to 'A Clockwork Orange'. 

  • The Mint Karaoke Lounge – San Francisco, USA


    Open 365 days per year, this eclectic karaoke bar in San Francisco has a plush velvet stage and loud patrons. Tip the KJ (Karaoke Jockey) to get your song to the top of the list. 

  • Palm Tree LA – Los Angeles, USA

    This bar in Los Angeles' Koreatown has a huge selection of songs and food, making it the go-to place for karaoke in LA. 

  • Jan Ken Pon – Tokyo, Japan


    If you want to feel like a real singer, head to this bar in the Ebisu district of Tokyo where a live band will back you up as you butcher (or elegantly perform) your favorite tunes. 

  • Gagopa – New York City, USA


    This karaoke bar is right next to the Empire State Building. Make sure to look up, because only a neon sign high above street level marks this New York gem. 

  • Every Sing - Seoul, South Korea

    If you want to become a K-Pop star, this is the place to get noticed. The building is owned by SM Entertainment and has products related to all your favorite K-Pop stars.

  • Yanpen Karaoke Lounge – Moscow, Russia


    This bar in Moscow blends the Japanese pastime with your favorite Russian food and drinks. Don't worry, the walls are soundproof.

  • Cat’s Meow – New Orleans, USA


    Overlooking Bourbon Street, this karaoke bar in New Orleans is constantly rated as one of the best in the world. It's been around since 1989 and has been host to stars like Sting and N'Sync.

  • Source Below – London, England


    With the latest technology including touch-screen karaoke machines and a endless list of songs, Source Below is hailed as London's top karaoke bar.

  • Karaoke Kan – Tokyo, Japan


    Famous as the location of Bill Murray's karaoke performance in 'Lost in Translation', this Shibuya bar has a local crowd of young singers. Order your drinks and a tambourine, via intercom.

  • Karaoke World – Sydney, Australia


    Over 120,000+ songs in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Korean.

  • Fiesta – Tokyo, Japan


    With 26 rooms and over 6,000 songs, Fiesta is Japan's top karaoke bar. There are also 200 costumes to spice up your performance (or for disguise).