7 False Rumors Created By Anti-fans

By Koreaboo

K-netizens are among the most active in the world, and some of them for some reason fabricate groundless rumors in attempt to mar the public image of Idols

  • IU

    In late 2013, IU suffered from groundless rumors which stated that she was preparing to get married to a famous boy band member. She requested an investigation and the culprit was arrested.

  • Han Seungyun (KARA)

    In 2013, Seungyeon suffered from groundless rumors that accused her of luring and seducing powerful entertainment officials in order to better her career. Her parents even became aware of the rumor.

  • Sulli (f(x))

    In early 2014, rumors that Sulli was pregnant started garnering much attention. The original poster claimed that she saw Sulli at a pregnancy clinic and the false rumor spread like wild fire.

  • Park Bom (2NE1)

    Bom had negative rumors on several occasions most of them involving plastic surgery. She was also rumored have used marijuana. YG took harsh legal actions against netizens who spread this rumor

  • Jang Hyunseung (BEAST) & Hyuna (4MINUTE)

    In early 2014, a seemingly legitimate article claiming that Cube Entertainment stated that Hyuna was pregnant with Jang Hyunseung's baby was released. The article later turned out to be fabricated.

  • Rain

    In November 2014, alleged photos of Rain's nudes were leaked. The original poster claimed that the pictures were from Kim Taehee's lost phone. The pictures later turned out to be not rain.

  • Suho (EXO-K)

    Rumors that Suho's father was an official in a pro-Japanese government faction spread among netizens. Many netizens were outraged at both Suho and his father for this but the rumor was again, false.