9 Bizarre K-pop Music Videos

By Koreaboo

K-Pop is notorious for creating unique, if not bizarre music videos. No matter what you consider as out of the ordinary, we promise that at least one of these videos will meet your criteria. 

  • Norazo - Wild Horse


    As the title suggests, there will be horses featured in Norazo's music video. In fact, why not go a step further and have centaurs too? You know, a human torso complete with a horse's lower body...

  • Epik High - Wannabe


    To get the most out of this video parody, we suggest that you watch the source material: monster film "The Host." Otherwise, Epik High's usage of a stuffed lizard may just seem plain weird. 

  • Epik High - Trot + Technology


    The second instalment to Epik High's "The Host" parodies, the story heats up as the (stuffed) monster hunt continues.

  • N.O.M - A Guys


    N.O.M's A Guys doesn't just push the boundaries of "raunchy for South Korea," it pushes the boundaries of raunchiness in music, period. Expect a lot of leather, suggestive dancing and shirtlessness.

  • Sunny Hill - Pray


    Somber and disturbing, Sunny Hill's Pray portrays the dark side of human nature in a horrifically believable manner. Before watching, be prepared for some graphic imagery.

  • U.V ft. J-Y Park - Itaewon Freedom


    Don't be fooled by the utter cheesiness of this video; it was released in 2011 and not the '80s as you might imagine. Watching Itaewon Freedom will have you feeling like you took a trip back in time.



    To any art history enthusiast, T.O.P's DOOM DADA may seem like a masterpiece in itself, but to every other viewer, the random references will likely leave you confused and scratching your head.

  • PSY ft. Snoop Dog - Hangover


    You can't expect the ordinary when it comes to PSY, ever. Hangover, once again, follows the formula of craziness that has more or less made PSY a household name in music.

  • Gary - Shower Later


    While some bans on "overtly sexy" music videos may seem uncalled for, Gary's Shower Later is probably the exception. Simply put, there's exposure, jiggling, and suggestive scenes left and right.