10 Interesting Facts About Jo Kwon

By Koreaboo

  • 1. Jo Kwon & Wooyoung: BFFs!

    Jo Kwon is such close friends with 2PM's Wooyoung that staff at photoshoots have said they speak in 'alien language', that only they understand! Kwon says that Wooyoung is like family to him.

  • 2. Romantic Kwon~

    Jo Kwon was asked what romance meant to him & said: "Romance to me is doing something, truly and with my heart, for another person."

  • 3. Long Hours & Hard Work

    Kwon is known for being kkab but he's a very hard worker. He spent 11 hours in the studio with JY Park working on 2AM's This Song.

  • 4. A Real Artist

    When he was asked what he'd do if he wasn't a member of 2AM, he said: "I've never dreamt of doing anything else. I devote all my heart to being an artist."

  • 5. Inked Up

    Jo Kwon has 4 tattoos: 'Born This Way' - a reference to Lady Gaga's equality anthem; the word 'Equality' itself; the phrase 'Keep Going' and, unusually, Bart Simpson dressed as a robber!

  • 6. Favourite Foods?

    Jo Kwon's favourite foods are marinated and soy sauce pickled crab, nuts and sweet & sour pork.

  • 7. KKAB KWON!

    Kwon is SO kkab, that even his grandma calls him 'Jo KKab'.

  • 8. "Are your parents in?"

    Jo Kwon's voice is so naturally feminine that when he gets phone calls from companies at home, the caller often asks to speak to his parents, mistaking him for a young girl!

  • 9. Jo Executive

    Kwon gained the nickname Jo Executive at JYP because he knows everything about his company & even does light paperwork! He also trained for 7 years & 10 days. Now that's dedication!

  • 10. From Rags To Riches

    He had a poor childhood - his parents worked lots but often struggled to pay food bills. He used his first k-pop paycheck of $190 to pay a phone bill and cried with his mother over achieving it.