13 Skin-tight Outfits Worn By K-Pop Idols

By Koreaboo

K-pop idols have an endless fashion wardrobe with any look you could think of! For this list, we compiled a collection of the sleekest and sexiest skintight outfits!

  • Girl's Day Yura on stage

  • Stellar's outfit concept for 'Marionette'

  • Girl's Day Sojin is sleek and sexy!

  • Joon Jihyun wearing a sporty training outfit

  • Miss A Min

  • Yura showing off her curvy figure

  • Lee Hyori never fails to make an appearance!

  • Miss A the team of spies?

  • EXID Junghwa in hot tight pants and top

  • Dal Shabet Woohee goes all black

  • Soyou working on her yoga

  • Clara poses for Marie Claire

  • Yura the posing queen


    Lee Haneul


    Lee Haneul