10 Reasons We Fell In Love With The Giraffe Kwang

By Koreaboo

Lee Kwang Soo is called many names and has just as many personalities that led fans to fall in love with the “Asian Prince”!!

  • 1. He can DANCE!!

  • 2. He has an extremely kind heart

    Aww look at him give his heat pack to a grandma <3

  • 2. He doesn’t play by the rules!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 4. But he’s also a gentleman

    He takes care of the ladies on the show such as pulling out chairs for them.

  • 5. He’s a hard worker!

    He doesn't know how to give up although sometimes he tries too hard…

  • 6. He can be extremely adorable >_<.

    Look at that aegyo~ I think I might melt....

  • 7. He can also be very romantic at times…

  • 8. He also has huge, dreamy eyes~*sigh*

  • 9. He may come off as a comic character

     We can’t forget that he started his career as a top model!

  • 10. Last but not least..

    He is beautiful..well sometimes

  • Bonus: We love you too!! Kwang Soo!!