10 Interesting Konglish Words And Their Origins

By Koreaboo

There are some pretty fascinating Konglish words that have become a part of daily life in Korea, taking a life of its own!

  • Signpen

    Felt pens are called "Signpens" because people used it apparently to sign documents with.

  • Sharp

    Mechanical pencils were introduced to Korea through a Japanese company called "Sharp". The brand name stuck to the product.

  • Reple

    Meaning comments, it came from the English word "reply"

  • Pama

    There are two theories on the origin of this word. One says that Koreans shortened the word permanent perm and took the "Perma" part. The other says Koreans simply pronounced perm wrong and it stuck!

  • Notebook

    Korean people use the word notebook for laptops. It came about because it was supposed to indicate that these portable computers resembled notebooks.

  • Hand Phone

    Although not a proper English word, it is easy to tell how this word came about. A phone that fits in your hand!

  • Skinship

    Skinship includes any physical contact between people with romantic intent. The word does not appear in the English dictionary and was created by Koreans according to Urban Dictionary

  • Hof

    Hop is one of the ingredients for beer and Koreans have taken to calling places to drink Beer "Hofs"

  • Idol

    Idols are subject of worship and literally idolization, in Korea this word is used for young celebrities who are subjects of idolization from fans.

  • Autoby

    Most guess that the term autoby came from combining the words auto & bicycle.