7 Incredibly Dangerous Animals In Korea

By Koreaboo

Although many dangerous animals in Korea have become extinct, there are still a few that you should know and learn to avoid when visiting Korea.

  • 7. Jelly Fish

    Jelly fish stings are problems everywhere and Korea is no exception. There have been cases where small children suffered severe trauma and sometimes death from these creatures close to shore

  • 6. Wild Boar

    These massive wild pigs are herbivorous and inhabit the mountains by nature but there are a few reported deaths when these wild swines come down in search of food and encounter humans

  • 5. Puffer Fish

    The puffer fish is the second most poisonous vertebrates in the world. While encounters with these fish are rare, Korea serves its meat. Make sure the restaurant is certified before consuming its meat

  • 4. Viper

    Korea is home to 3 types of viper snakes that carry poison enough to cause painful swelling. Although the swelling is local and is not lethal, they are extremely painful and best avoided.

  • 3. Tiger Snake

    Tiger snake is also known as the floral snake for its beautiful pattern. While beautiful their venom is far deadlier than that of vipers' and even may cause death in small children or the elderly

  • 2. Giant Asian Hornet

    These giant hornets are far more dangerous than your regular wasps. They usually inhabit nests in mountainous areas and attack in groups. Enough stings from these can cause paralysis and even death.

  • 1. Mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes in Korea are potential carriers for a disease called Japanese Encephalitis. While under 5% of the infected bites activate this disease the fatality rate varies from 10~30% once it starts