Best milkshakes in Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz

  • What's Shaken

    The motto at What’s Shaken, a shop solely dedicated to making  great-tasting shakes, is “You’re the boss.”  Customers can either  pick from the extensive menu selection or build their own shake from  scratch. In addition to their classic shakes (which include chocolate,  vanilla malted and strawberry cream) What’s Shaken also whips up old  fashioned ice cream floats, as well as a range of creatives shake combos  such as apple pie, S’mores, and raspberry key lime.Most of the shakes at What’s Shaken are made with vanilla ice cream  as the base, however they also provide a non-dairy ice cream base for  the lactose intolerant or vegan customers.

  • Moderne Burger

    In addition to serving a mouthwatering range of burgers, Moderne Burger offers a selection of Deluxe Milkshakes and Malts. At $5.35, these creamy concoctions served in a metal cup include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, creamsicle, coffee, coffee mocha, and chocolate covered cherry. Located in Kits, this classic diner garnishes their milkshakes with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Malts are served neat (without whip). For those who request an extra thick shake or malt simply add on $1.25.

  • The Cannibal Café

    The Cannibal Café on Commercial Drive is a local burger joint favourite,  owing in no small part to the authentic milkshakes ($5.49) stirred up  in-house. While strictly nostalgic milkshake flavours are listed on the  menu (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry), those seeking something a  little less innocent, should ask in-house about The Cannibal’s boozy  shakes.

  • Save on Meats

    Save on Meats is good for a lot of things, and their take on the  classic milkshake is just one of them. Available in a variety of  flavours, such as chocolate, coffee, banana, butterscotch and vanilla,  S.O.M’s milkshakes ($4.95) are thick and deliciously creamy.For those of age, also on offer are a variety of hard shakes ($8.49  for a single and $11.49 for a double). These alcohol-forward shakes  include: Thick London Fog; Warm Polar Bear; Irish Mist, and The  Legendary Shake, which is made with Wild Turkey Bourbon, bacon, milk,  chocolate ice cream, whip cream and bacon bits.

  • Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionary

    Located in North Burnaby, this quaint, old-fashioned soda shop is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth, let alone for those who crave a milkshake. With a retro themed interior, Glenburn Soda cries of yesteryear and just like its decor which has taken inspiration from the 1940 and 1950s so has the menu which offers** **sundaes, egg creams, floats and of course the soda shop’s signature milkshakes. Mixed before your eyes, Glenburn Soda whips up a wonderfully creamy selection of milkshakes, which includes dreamy flavours like butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee and banana.

  • Acme Café

    For a great shake in Gastown you can’t go past the creamy delights on offer at Acme Cafe. Served with a maraschino cherry, whipped cream, and the excess in a steel cup, Acme pours sweet, lip-smacking vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes ($5.50). Customers at Acme Café have the choice to accompany their blended beverage with two shots of fresh Espresso or 1.5 oz of liquor (Baileys, Kahlúa or Grande Marnier) if so desired.

  • Lucy’s Eastside Diner

    This 24-hour greasy spoon joint is known for their heaping portions of  burgers and fries, as well as their stellar milkshakes. These  soft-serve based concoctions are thick (not so thick they will clog the  straw) and come in two different sizes. The Original is 26oz and sells  for $5.25 and the JR. (junior), is about 12oz and costs $3. Aside from a  range of classic flavours like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut  butter and Oreo, Lucy’s Eastside Diner also whips up Crème de menthe,  root beer, cinnamon, coconut, banana, caramel, and mango shakes. These  shakes are, of course, all kid friendly, but for adults the diner also  offers Boozy Shakes.