10 Signs Suzy & Lee Minho Were Meant To Be

By Koreaboo

Some might call it uncanny coincidences, others might say they're simply a perfect match!  And some might even say that these two superstars' love was destined to be...

  • They are the CF King and Queen

    Lee Minho and Suzy are two of the most popular and in demand CF actors in Korea. You can see them everywhere you go, from clothing stores, to restaurants, to Korea tourism! 

  • Lee Minho: Suzy's long-time crush?

    Back when Lee Minho's drama "City Hunter" was airing, Suzy admitted it was her favorite show and she wouldn't miss an episode... Could she have fallen for him since then? 

  • They're both TALL!

    Lee Minho being a giant (188cm) needs a girl in his height bracket! Someone he doesn't need to crouch down for to kiss... and Suzy at 166cm is just right. 

  • They're both incredibly rich $$$

    It can cause problems when one must rely on another for money.. but that's not an issue here! Suzy and Lee Minho are amongst the wealthiest idols in Korea! Suzy literally sang a song about it~

  • They're both actors AND singers

    While Suzy started as a singer, and Lee Minho started as an actor, they've both experienced each other's respective careers and can relate to one another. They're multi-talented.

  • They're equally International Stars

    Not only are they the top of the top in Korea, but Lee Minho and Suzy are influential all over Asia and their names are recognized globally!  They've both reached the epitome of celebrity status.

  • Lee Minho's ideal type of girl is... Suzy?

    Lee Minho revealed he'll fall for one simple thing a girl does. His ideal type of girl is: "Someone with her own style, such as a girl who sweeps her hair back." 

  • Suzy's ideal type of man is... Lee Minho?

    Suzy revealed her ideal type of man to be: "Someone who's cleanly dressed and acts in a cute manner."   ...Sound like anyone we know?  

  • They both have smiles as bright as the sun

    They smile form the bottom of their heart, genuine and pure. No matter how grey the skies, those smiles will bring out the sunshine!

  • "God" and "Goddess" of Asia

    Lee Min-ho was voted and crowned the "Asian Male God" and the nickname stuck with him ever since. And at the 2014 Sina Weibo Night Awards Suzy won the "Goddess Award."