9 Classic K-Pop Songs Everyone Needs To Know

By Koreaboo

No matter when you began listening to K-Pop, every person needs to dig down to where it all began. The classic songs of the 90's were not only the beginning of something great, but also work to inspire many of your favorite artists today. Check out these classic K-Pop songs that everyone needs to listen to.

  • H.O.T - "Candy"


    Debuting in 1995, H.O.T is considered the first male K-Pop group. Their hit song, "Candy" with its bright and cheerful sound has remained a popular track since its release.

  • Seo Taiji and Boys - "I Know"


    Today songs of heartbreak are a common sight in the music industry. However, Seo Taiji and Boys' "I Know" was a big hit back in the 90's. Filled with energetic dance moves, "I Know" become a popular track among fans.

  • DEUX - "Turn Around and Look At Me"


    DEUX's song "Turn Around and Look At Me" became such a large inspiration, even VIXX put a spin on the song and released their own version of it.

  • Turbo - "Black Cat"


    Many people know singer Kim Jong Kook from the show, "Running Man." However, he did not always star in the variety show. Back in the 90's, Kim Jong Kook was well known for being a part of the group, Turbo, with their catchy song, "Black Cat."  

  • Fly to the Sky - "Day By Day"


    Well known and still celebrated in Korea today, Fly to the Sky released "Day by Day" in 1999. It served as a powerful debut for the duo.

  • S.E.S - "I'm Your Girl"


    Known for pushing aside sexy appearances in favor for singing talent, S.E.S "I'm Your Girl" was a highly demanded song for its exceptional style.

  • Kim Gun Mo - "Wrongful Meeting"


    One of Kim Gun Mo's most well known songs, "Wrongful Meeting" tells a story about a person's crush who falls in love with their friend and the story continues along through emotional turmoil.

  • g.o.d - "To My Mother"


    Recently making a comeback after a long period of hiatus, g.o.d is still known mainly for their older songs. "To My Mother" is a ballad of a spoiled child who in the future acknowledges the sacrifices his mother had made for him.

  • 1TYM - "1TYM"


    As one of the earliest Korean hip hop groups, 1TYM entered the industry with a new sound that caught the attention of many eager listeners. The group is most known for their debut song "1TYM."