8 Ridiculous Things Kim Jong Un Spends All His Money On

By Koreaboo

  • Luxurious Imported Liquor

    Expensive liquor is something that many want to treat themselves to. Specifically, Kim Jong Un's favorite two drinks are whiskey and cognac which he imports thousands of bottles from around the world for his own enjoyment. The money he could have used to make improvements to the country are used for his alcohol.

  • High Class Private Golf Courses

    A hilarious story told by Kim Jong Un was that his father, Kim Jong Il had an impressive golf record. Obviously fabricated, the story has been told that his father had once played a whole round of golf in only 34 strokes and also held a record of 11 holes in one in a real golf game. Although it has been an obvious lie, the love of golf has moved on to Kim Jong Un who has access to some of the finest golf courses.

  • Masikryong Ski Resort

    Kim Jong Un used a large sum of money in order to build this ski resort. Initially built to increase tourism in North Korea, the money could have been used for a better cause. Considering the fact that North Korea barely gets any snow, the idea of this resort is completely ridiculous. Kim Jong Un likes to spend his time on the slopes even when there is no snow, and while the resort is mostly empty throughout the year, the leader invested in 70 miles of land for this vacation spot. Not only are there no visitors, but Kim Jong Un sometimes closes off the ski resort for his own vacation - and no one is allowed in.

  • His $7 Million Yacht

    As a man who sometimes enjoys traveling on a boat sometimes, KIm Jong Un just had to spend over $7 million on a a new yacht. At 100 feet long, it is considered one of the most luxurious yachts ever built by Princess. It even features a saloon for Kim Jong Un to enjoy some of his fancy imported liquor. Since he owns almost all the land in southwestern North Korea, Kim Jong Un sometimes likes to take his yacht around to check up on the people living on the coast.

  • Imported Food

    Kim Jong Un's imports don't just end at liquor, he also ships many types of food from various countries whenever he feels like it. When the leader wants pork, it is shipped from Denmark and when he feels like eating caviar, it must come from Iran. If Kim Jong Un doesn't feel like being too fancy, he imports some mangoes from Thailand. Meanwhile, there are starving people in North Korea...

  • Pianos... lots of them

    An average person usually has only one piano in their house. It's safe to say that Kim Jong Un isn't your average person. He owns over 20 pianos which are placed in his multiple houses. How good he is... nobody really knows. Whenever he shops for pianos, Kim Jong Un brings his workers with him. The reason why is probably so Kim Jong Un can hear them complimenting him and saying he is the best piano player in the world. And if he make a mistake on the piano, it would be the piano's fault and not him.

  • Too many cars to count

    Since he was 7 years old, Kim Jong Un's father let his son drive for the first time. Becoming a big fan of cars since then while having a powerful father, Kim Jong Un was able to get any car that he asked for. Now, he probably owns over 100 cars, favoriting the line of Mercedes Benz. Also owning a number of race cars, many are sure that Kim Jong Un wouldn't be getting on NASCAR anytime soon. However, according to the media, Kim Jong Un was a professional racer at age 3.. before he even started driving.

  • His own private cinema

    While some people invite a couple people over to their house or the movie theater to watch a movie, Kim Jong Un spent $200,000 to build his own personal theater in his house. The cinema holds up to 1000 people and is complete with its very own concession stands. There are workers who are in charge of making popcorn, but they must be careful because one misplaced drop of butter could be the end of them. This is probably one of the most ridiculous out of all of his spendings, since no one has their very own theater, much less popcorn.