9 places to get great green smoothies in Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz

  • Living Produce Aisle


    When you order a smoothie at Yaletown’s Living Produce Aisle, many of the ingredients will be harvested to order and served up at their absolute freshest. Using [Urban Cultivator](http://www.urbancultivator.net/) appliances, Living Produce Aisle grows a range of greens, including wheatgrass, micro broccoli, and micro arugula, and uses them to create delicious and nutrient-packed smoothies. One of the most popular blended green beverages on the menu is the Minty Mojitio ($9), which consists of peashoots, kale, mint, orange juice, avocado, mango, and lime.

  • Leafy Box


    Leafy Box, in Yaletown, does not have just one green smoothie on their menu, but seven, all of which are comprised of a varied selection of leafy green veggies and fruit. A great source of fibre, Leafy Box’s Super Green smoothie ($6.99), which is just this side of sweet, blends kale, spinach, mango, banana, and frozen green grapes together. Customers wanting a little extra kick also have the option to add chia and hemp seeds.

  • The Juice Truck


    The Juice Truck’s vibrant Green Smoothie blend combines kale with familiar flavours like spinach, avocado, banana, coconut water, lime, ginger and medjool dates. At $8, The Green Smoothie is nutrient-rich and a great fibre booster for the health conscious.

  • What’s Shaken


    The Antons Supergreens ($4.99) is one What’s Shaken’s most popular smoothies. It includes fresh ginger blended with spinach, kale, mango, carrots, banana and coconut water (low in sugar, rich in potassium) to replenish electrolytes. To add an extra shot of nutrients and vitamins, Superfoods such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, raw maca, chlorella, spirulina or wheatgrass can also be added into the mix for an extra charge.

  • Mother’s Smoothies & Juice Bar


    At Mother’s Smoothies & Juice Bar, get your dose of fruits and vege  in the form of a thick and creamy green tonic. Made from only the best  local, fair-trade and organic ingredients (the juice bar refrains from  adding fillers, syrups, sugars, preservatives or colours to their  products), Mother’s Smoothie & Juice Bar’s Green Kicker ($7) sprouts  kale, apple, banana, and ginger.

  • Victoria’s Health


    Located at 857 Hornby Street, Victoria’s Health sells a number of fruit and veggie based juices and smoothies. Amongst the most popular items on the health food stores drinks menu is the Tropi-Kale, a thick smoothie blend of, mango, pineapple, kale, spinach, coconut, almond milk and coconut water. Hidden by the taste of the fruit, Victoria’s Health’s take on a green smoothie is tropical heaven in a cup.

  • Nectar Juicery


    Packed with loads of natural protein and maximum living nutrients,  Nectar’s green smoothies are among their top sellers. Nectar make it all  count and use their fresh organic cold-pressed juice as the base not  water or ice. The idea behind this process is to take the juice and turn  it into food by adding 23 sprouted organic almonds as a natural protein  source, banana or avocado and additional greens on request. Made up of  all organic ingredients including cucumber, celery, kale, swiss chard,  basil, lemon, ginger, sprouted almonds, and banana, Courage ($11 for 500  ml) is a meal in itself.

  • Krokodile Pear


    Krokodile Pear’s signature green smoothie, the Westwood, is comprised of about 90% cold-pressed juice, including juiced kale, spinach, parsley and romaine, and then blended with banana, avocado, spinach and mint, making it more of thick blended juice rather than a full-on smoothie. Regardless, the Westwood ($7.99) is one of the juicery’s most popular drinks on the menu, and with good reason. Not only does this hybrid drink contain a bunch of vital greens, providing the ultimate health kick but it comes in a handy grab-and-go bottle.

  • Sina Pharmacy & Fresh Juice Cafe


    Part pharmacy, part fresh juice cafe, Sina offers customers several different green smoothie options. Made with frozen fruits and vegetables instead of ice, Sina's smoothies are nice and thick, and what's more they're 100% organic.