K-Pop Idols wearing their own clothes in public

By Koreaboo

  • 2NE1's CL

    This black outfit looked very simple and comfortable

  • 2NE1's CL

    CL definitely likes comfortable clothes!

  • 2NE1's CL

    But those are some tall heels...

  • Winner's Song Mino

    Just a black hoodie and a beanie

  • Winner's Song Mino

    That scarf definitely stands out

  • 2NE1's Dara

    The outfit totally fits the pose!

  • GOT7's Mark

    What a cool jacket

  • GOT7's JB

    Pharrell Williams or Bart Simpson???

  • GOT7's JB

    He really likes Bart Simpson!

  • iKON's Bobby

    Simple yet full of swag

  • iKON's Bobby

    Black is definitely Bobby's color

  • iKON's B.I

    Is that plaid or denim?

  • iKON's Junhoe

    Are those shorts???

  • BTS

    They're dressed like brothers!

  • BTS's Jimin

    The hat goes well with his hair

  • Winner's Seung Hoon

    What is that picture???