10 K-Pop Songs With English Versions

By Koreaboo

  • Phrased Differently's "Red Light" and f(x)'s "Red Light"


    The original version of "Red Light" was sung by Maegan Cottone, Jarett, Ullmann, Kaplan, and St. Germain of Phrased Differently. The song was later made popular when f(x) released the track in July of 2014.

  • Carina Dahl "Sticky Dough" and f(x) "Dangerous"


    Yet another f(x) song bought from an original American track, "Dangerous" revamps the original song "Sticky Dough" and makes it their own.

  • Kristine Elezaj "Razor" and f(x)'s "Danger"


    Brighter and more colorful, f(x) made the track more physically appealing while keeping the same tune of the original song.

  • Monrose "Hot Summer" and f(x)'s "Hot Summer"


    Released in 2007, Monrose's "Hot Summer" was a popular track, but when remade by f(x) the popularity of the song increased ten times greater. Currently Monrose's track stands at 3 million views on Youtube while f(x)'s hold 31 million views.

  • Corbin Bleu's "Deal With It" and SHINee's "Juliette"


    Popularly known as one of the cast members of the movie series "High School Musical," Corbin Bleu released his track "Deal With It" in 2007 which was later remade into SHINee's hit track "Juliette"

  • Cambodian "Ring Ding Dong" and SHINee's "Ring Ding Dong"


    Released in 2010, the Cambodian version of "Ring Ding Dong" was unknown to the world until SHINee released their own remake of "Ring Ding Dong" which made a hit.

  • Ke$ha's "Run Devil Run" and Girls' Generation's "Run Devil Run"


    You'd have to admit, both versions of this song sound great and Ke$ha's original track was also pretty popular at the time it was released. However, Girls' Generation took a spin on the song for their K-Pop listeners with their own version of "Run Devil Run."

  • XOXO "Mocha Java" and Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra"


    Released first, Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra" was remade by XOXO with their track "Mocha Java." However, until this day "Abracadabra" has been the song that others remembered.

  • Violetta "Queen of the Dance Floor" and INFINITE's "Come Back Again"


    Released many years after INIFINITE's original track "Come Back Again," Violetta's "Queen of the Dance Floor" was made for the Disney show "Violetta." It has been quite obvious that nothing beats the original track by INFINITE.

  • Yoo Youngjin's "Electro" and SHINee's "Lucifer"


    Yoo Youngjin wrote the track "Lucifer" for SHINee but recorded an English demo of the song, titling it, "Electro." Although it is the exact same song but in a different language, SHINee's "Lucifer" has been favored over the original demo.