10 Packing Tips To Make Your Next Move Painless

By Rentlogic

  • 10 Packing Tips To Make Your Next Move Painless

    Lessen the stress by being prepared and full of packing knowledge. Here are 10 tips to help.

  • 1. Give Yourself Time

    You look around your place and figure it shouldn’t take that long to pack, but everyone has more stuff than they like to believe. Remember all the stuff pushed back in the closet? Knowing you have more than a week (if possible) to pack everything in an orderly fashion will make your life much easier.

  • 2. Decide What to Pack

    Everything in your current space doesn’t need to make its way to the next one. By giving yourself time, you can figure out what to take and what stays behind. There are numerous sites that are dedicated to helping people sell their items. If you don’t want to sell, you can always donate to Goodwill, thrift stores, or local shelters. 

  • 3. Hire Movers

    If you have decided to leave the packing to the movers, make sure you accurately research and hire the best. This is the time to read the reviews and see how the process went for past customers.

  • 4. Stock Up On Supplies

    If you're moving the DIY way, be sure to purchase proper moving supplies. Some of the things you’ll need include labels, tape, durable boxes, and foam wrap. It’s better to buy too much stuff than not have enough, as these supplies will be a huge help to get your items from point A to point B. 

  • 5. Get Organized

    One common mistake is trying to pack in different rooms at the one time. This process won’t be smooth if you pack up half of the kitchen and then move to the bathroom. Divide the packing into rooms. Go into each room and write down what needs to be packed, and stick with one room at a time. It may not feel as efficient, but you'll do a way better, more thorough job.

  • 6. Remember Labeling is Your Friend

    Labeling will be your best friend while moving. The worst thing would be to pack and then know where nothing is when you get to your destination. Use labels or different colored tape for boxes going to certain areas, and be sure to identify what boxes contain fragile items.

  • 7. Save Space

    One way to save space is by using clothing, towels, and sheets as padding for fragile items. This way, you’ll have more space in other boxes or suitcases for your clothing.

  • 8. Follow the 30 Pound Rule

    All of your boxes should be 30 pounds or less. Anything heavier can cause injury, especially for inexperienced movers. Plus, heavy boxes can burst, and no one wants all their items flying everywhere in the street. 

  • 9. Label Your “Open Me First” Box

    So you get everything into your new place but you can’t find a toothbrush, soap ,or even canned food? This is where “open me first” boxes come in to save the day. For each room, create an “open me first” box containing the things you’ll need first at your new place.

  • 10. Make it Fun

    Even though packing is stressful, you can make it fun. Recruit family and friends to help you move—order food, play some music, and make it a packing party. You might be able to give away things you don’t want in the process, and you can reminisce about memories in your old place while you pack it up.