Why You Need to Visit Curaçao Now

By Scuba Diver Life

This neighbor is not as popular as Bonaire, but it is just as good. Here's why you should plan your next dive trip to this wonderful island.

  • Great Views


    Sunsets over the ocean, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, waves crashing on cliffs... Curacao has it all.  Just sit back, take it all in, and have your camera ready.  This was taken at one of our hosts: [Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino](http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/curmc-curacao-marriott-beach-resort-and-emerald-casino/).

  • Tasty Food

    With influences from the Dutch, Spanish, Africa, and more, the food here is something unique and flavorful.  Simply made but full of the same mixture of cultures the island itself is known for.  If you're looking for a good meal, check out Landhuis, [De Gouveneur](http://www.de-gouverneur.com/), [Scuba Lodge](http://www.scubalodge.com/), Jaanchie's, or [Pirate Bay](http://piratebaycuracao.com/).

  • Dreamy Diving

    This is the main reason we divers go anywhere, right?  The reefs are healthy and full of life.  You won't often find large pelagics here, but the marine life you do find is just as beautiful and interesting.  Try [Caribbean Sea Sports](http://www.caribseasports.com/) if you're on the East end.

  • Colorful

    Between the painted buildings, the boats, and the clothing, color is all around you in Curacao.  It almost looks like a movie set!  Look closely and you'll see architectural differences between side-by-side buildings too.

  • Uncrowded Beaches

    Relax in style at some of the best beaches the Caribbean has to offer. Soft, white sand, clear blue waters, and you'll often feel as though you have them to yourself.  The one pictured here is at Playa Knip.

  • Did We Mention the Diving?

    Yeah, there's tons of that.  Reefs, wrecks, walls, boat, and shore diving as well as snorkeling.  On the West end, check out [Go West Diving](https://www.gowestdiving.com/), another one of our hosts.

  • It'll Make You Slow Down

    If for no other reason than to enjoy all of the wonderful views and beaches.  This one is found at another of our hosts: [Kura Hulanda Lodge](http://www.kurahulanda.com/index.php)

  • Clean Water

    The water on Curacao is so clean it's actually won awards.  They've been making their own fresh water via desalination since the 1920's, so they've figured out how to do it right.  Drink the tapwater, it's some of the best you'll find anywhere.

  • Yes, You Can Buy That Liquor

    The genuine curacao liquor can certainly be found in Curacao, in 5 different colors and a couple different flavors.  All made from the island's native oranges and distilled on the island in a century-old distillery.

  • Full of Fun People

    Locals and visitors alike tend to be of the laid-back, fun loving sort. If you're looking for fast-paced urgency, you won't find it here. But if you're looking to knock a few drinks back with some cool folks, you'll have no problems fitting in.

  • Rich With History

    Some good, some bad, Curacao's history is certainly not boring.  It's home to the oldest synagogue in the Western hemisphere, various plantation houses, and if you look closely you'll see cannonballs still embedded in a couple of city walls.

  • There is a Nightlife

    If partying is your thing, Curacao won't disappoint in that area either. The towns are just as beautiful, friendly, and fun at night as they are during the day.

  • They're Saving a Seat for You

    What more really needs to be said?  Why aren't you on a plane yet?