Taking over a category

HERB started as a small, crowdfunded operation looking to produce a book focused on edibles and cannabis-based cooking.

Within the first few months Quietly helped me grow my monthly unique pageviews by over 1100% (450K to 5M), and nearly triple my social audience from 1M to 2.9M followers. My email signups also nearly tripled from 400 to 1100 a day.

Matt Gray
Founder & CEO
Government regulations restrict traditional online advertising related to marijuana, so they needed content to raise awareness and build their profile online.
Quietly’s data-driven research and content production helped guide HERB in their journey as they grew to become the world’s largest online cannabis publication. Our winning stories and strategic insights have enabled them to build an audience of millions of unique visitors and a category-leading publishing business.

Understand how content can power your business, develop a strategic plan to win, and execute with confidence.

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By the numbers

Grew email newsletter signups by 175% from 400 to 1,100 per day
Tripled social media audience from 1M to 2.9M followers
Grew monthly unique pageviews by over 1,100% in only six months’ time