Driving growth in new markets

As the content partner to Canada's most trusted brand, we work with MEC to bring their mission online, engaging with audiences digitally to help them discover new ways of enjoying the outdoors.

From big rocks to small pebbles, their ability to move in and out of strategy and execution demonstrates a deep commitment to both purpose and performance.

Ryan McKee
Director of Brand Engagement
So when MEC embarked on their largest national campaign to date, Good Times Outside, Quietly leaned in. The goal was to create the "Spotify or Netflix of outdoor activity", using hyper-localized content to help users find unique recreation opportunities in the areas they live.
Combining data-driven content creation with a hyper-targeted distribution model, Quietly helped MEC reach the new audiences and new markets they were looking to target: 73% of all traffic came from mobile devices and 53% of users are under the age of 34.

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By the numbers

Compared to the site’s average, users who view content have a 12% higher average order size
Despite only accounting for 23% of media spend, ads retargeting users who previously consumed content drove 56% of all campaign purchases, and at a lower CPA
lower CPA than ads targeting those who hadn't