Aligning people and process to win with content

As they geared up for their most ambitious corporate expansion strategy, Canada’s most trusted brand needed to ensure all content marketing efforts were aligned.

Quietly is great because they're an actual partner. We place a very high degree of trust in them and together we're constantly looking for ways to push MEC's capabilities and results.

Anne Donohoe
Chief Marketing Officer
As a first order of business, that meant uncovering how content could drive MEC’s objectives, and the operations needed for enduring success. Following extensive discovery, we designed a sophisticated dashboard that helped their team understand their content’s coverage and performance, and plan strategic campaigns that leveraged their most successful assets more effectively.
Working cross-functionally with their SEO, Web Ops, and Marketing teams, we then built an attribution framework that would allow them to clearly connect the dots between content and conversion. With this technical plumbing in place, our team consulted on internal processes, proposing a revised RACI featuring new roles needed to run a successful content operation. Combined, the resulting systems and technology have redefined the way MEC’s Communications and Marketing departments create and manage content and campaigns, ultimately supporting their mandate of getting Canadians outside—in new and existing markets.

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