Mobilizing current and future activists

(RED) is driven by an ambitious goal: to wipe out AIDS by 2030. Co-founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006, the global charity has since allied with several of the world’s most iconic brands.

The discovery and planning work that Quietly led for our team was invaluable. Our work together has had broader implications for our work than we initially realized it would.

Liza Vadnai
Director of Marketing
Now, as rates of new HIV infections continue to decline in North America, (RED)’s goal has never been more within reach—and there’s never been a better time for them to raise their international profile. They turned to Quietly to better understand how content could help them connect with key partners and a new generation of donors.
Through discovery we helped their team empathize with unique donor groups, unearthed gaps in their perceived donor journey, mapped out clear paths to donation for each group, and surfaced opportunities to increase (RED)’s reach through new content formats and channels. Quietly’s work has helped (RED) drive organic search results, reduce reliance on paid marketing, and deepen their connection with current (and prospective) activists around the world.

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By the numbers

Content created through Quietly’s data-driven approach accounts for 33.5% of all pageviews to the blog, even though it only represents 9% of all content on the blog
Average time on page for Quietly-created content is 68% higher than the blog-wide average
Average of 241 social engagements per piece of Quietly-created content -- over three times more than the site’s average