Owning the conversation through a branded publication

As owner of a controversial new generic top-level domain (ngTLD), Vox Populi Registry works hard to prove how brands can use .SUCKS to protect themselves online, provide a feedback loop for customers, and propel their companies forward.

Quietly's data-driven methodology ensures that we are delivering relevant messaging to the right audience. We are continually impressed with their ability to create content to ensure the maximum impact. Our Evoke magazine, distributed at INTA, was an effective addition to our conference collateral.

Christina Beavis
Vox Populi Registry
To leave their mark at the International Trademark Association’s (INTA) annual meeting, .SUCKS needed to encourage attendees to look beyond the traditional .com, .net, and .co domain options, and prove how the .SUCKS ngTLD in particular is critical to online brand protection. Investigative, entertaining, and beautifully-designed editorial features breathe new life into niche trademark and intellectual property (IP) topics, and stand out in the crowd of INTA conference collateral.
Original data-driven content and creative assets were brought together in a branded print and digital publication that .SUCKS distributed throughout their five days at INTA, allowing them to better connect with—and impress—a sophisticated audience of trademark lawyers and IP professionals. EVOKE Magazine includes guides and how-tos, feature stories, and case studies, and points readers online to explore the additional resources .SUCKS has created for them.

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