Amplifying reach through influencers

Just like their own 100% natural coconut water, ZICO believes that “being true to your nature and who you are at the core” is powerful beyond measure. To help bring this message to life, ZICO planned a series of experiential events in LA and NYC, and tapped Quietly to extend the reach of these physical activations online.
At the heart of our approach were influencers. We knew we could count on them to create and publish content during each event, but saw an opportunity to go even further. Beyond simply boosting influencer posts and stories, we developed a sophisticated targeting strategy and executed a paid social media campaign to effectively complement organic activity.
Combining original branded content with influencer content, our campaign not only achieved millions of impressions among our target audience, but also an engagement rate over 20 times higher than Facebook’s industry benchmark.

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By the numbers

higher engagement rate compared to industry benchmarks
of impressions among target audiences