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Our clients


Writing and research

How long would you expect a typical piece of writing to take?

This depends on a few things:

  • your knowledge of the subject
  • your ability to research
  • your speed as a writer

With a firm grasp on the above, our writers generally find our assignments manageable and efficient.

What are the hours of commitment required?

Most of our opportunities can be done in concert with another job. The number of stories needed for a particular client will determine the number of hours required. Because of this, if we think we have a good match for you, we’ll ask you your availability to ensure you’re comfortable with the hours required.

How much research is needed?

This depends on your expertise in the area, and varies among assignments. As with all writing, research and sources are needed to ensure content is factual and correct. Without a good grasp of the topic or research, the content will not likely satisfy our requirements.


What volume of work can I expect?

Contracts vary in length and scope. Depending on your bandwidth, we’ll determine what client will be the best fit to match the workload you’re able to take on.

Content Requirements

Does the writer have to supply photos for every submission?

No, our photo editors take care of that!

Writer/Client Matching

What is the turnaround time from the moment I am matched with a client to how soon I can get writing assignments?

With every new engagement, we create a content strategy to determine what topics and formats will help our clients achieve their content marketing goals. While we’re preparing the strategy we’ll reach out to you to see if the client/workload is a good fit. From there, it can be as little as a few days or up to a few weeks until you get your first assignment.

How does a writer get linked up with a client? Is this something the writer actively pursues?

We take a look at your skills and qualifications and match you with a client we think would be a good fit. There’s no need to actively pursue an opportunity. By applying, you’re on our radar and if there’s a client that’s a good fit, we’ll be sure to reach out and gauge your interest.

How long on average does such a link-up take and does a writer get linked with one or multiple clients?

This depends on a few factors, like the number of clients we have and your interests and expertise. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that every writer will be matched due to overwhelming response, but we’ll try our best to find a client that’s a good fit for you.

What verticals/categories are your clients currently in?

Our clients span a range of verticals, which include finance, tech, travel, HR, real estate, and more.


How and with what frequency do you pay?

Invoices are received twice a month (prior to the 15th and prior to the 30th). Payment frequency is twice a month, following the invoice dates.

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